Despite rain in Hanoi, Vietnamese commemorate...

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Despite rain in Hanoi, Vietnamese commemorate 70 years of national independence with festive fireworks on September 2nd

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The Vietnamese remain undaunted.

Despite a light but steady drizzle, thousands poured into the streets of Hanoi to witness brilliant fireworks displays at Hoan Kiem Lake and other sites which capped a day of parades and commemorations marking 70 years of independence for the country.

The date and the occasion, which even children have learned so clearly that it seems to be an experience they actually remember, was September 2, 1945 when President Ho Chi Minh read the nation’s Declaration of Independence to a throng of hundreds of thousands in Ba Dinh Square — the site where Uncle Ho’s mausoleum is now located.

Even with the presence of some U.S. military officers on the dais that day — part of the "Deer Team" that worked with Ho Chi Minh to rescue downed American pilots in northern Vietnam toward the end of World War II — the newly declared independence was fragile. The U.S. refused to recognize the new government. We cast our lot with the French and supported their determination to reassert colonial rule in Vietnam.

What ensued was a well known and tragic history of nearly a half century of war, devastation and destruction, isolation and embargo against Vietnam, with legacies of UXO and Agent Orange persisting even today. Now, the U.S. and Vietnam enjoy friendly and mutually respectful relations. A long time coming.

Congratulations and best wishes to our Vietnamese friends on the occasion of this important anniversary.