La vice Présidente du Vietnam à Paris les 25, 26 et 27 octobre (...)

Dernier ajout : 28 octobre 2010.

Vice State President concludes stop-over in France
VNA 27/10/2010 - Vice State President Nguyen Thi Doan concluded her four-day stop-over in France on Oct. 27 following the official visit to Bulgaria and attending the Francophone Summit in Montreux, Switzerland.

While in France, Vice State President Doan paid a floral tribute at Uncle Ho’s monument and visited the Montreuil Historical Museum where display historical objects of the late President Ho Chi Minh.

She also visited and talked with the Vietnamese embassy’s staff, Vietnamese students and representatives of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in France .

Viet Nam wants to be a reliable partner and make friends with all countries, said Vice President Doan, confirming the Vietnamese State’s attention to overseas Vietnamese.

She took the occasion to call on overseas Vietnamese to invest in the homeland.

The Vietnamese embassy’s staff, Vietnamese students and overseas Vietnamese in France donated 8,370 EUR to central flood victims in the homeland.

On Oct. 26, the Vice State President held a working session with the leaders of the France-Viet Nam Friendship Association (AAFV) who confirmed continued assistance to Viet Nam, particularly helping Vietnamese Agent Orange /dioxin victims.

The AAFV has financed around 40 projects which have contributed to hunger eradication and poverty reduction in 16 provinces and cities across Viet Nam over the past three years.

Doan also visited the Viet Nam Cultural Centre in France and presented gifts to the family of 100-year-old Dao Khiet in Epinay sur Orge on the outskirts of Paris .

She highlighted active contributions by Khiet and his family to the development of the Vietnamese Association (VA) and the Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Association (VEA) in France./.

trad. : le 26 octobbre, la Vice-présidente a tenu une session de travail avec les responsables de l’AAFV qui ont confirmé la poursuite de leur soutien au Vietnam, en particulier l’aide aux victimes de l’Agent orange/dioxine.
Durant ces trois dernières années, l’AAFV a financé quelques 40 projets qui ont contribué à l’éradication de la faim et à la réduction de la pauvreté dans 16 provinces et villes du Vietnam.